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Chuphotic Co., Ltd.

Chuphotic, the leader in uninterruptible power supplies, No. 1 standard in the ASEAN market

Our company operates in the business of manufacturing and distributing uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), automatic voltage regulator (AVR), batteries, generators, surge protection devices, emergency devices and renewable energy to increase the efficiency of operation under the trademark “CHUPHOTIC” by using advanced production technology that has been certified by world-class standards. The total annual production capacity is about 350,000 units. In addition, the company’s products are sold both domestiCALLy and internationally. The company’s distribution channels are: distribution through dealers, distribution directly to the project owner, and online distribution.

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Chuphotic Co., Ltd. gathers the most uninterruptible power supplies for you.

UPS CHUPHOTIC ONSITE SERVICE provide free delivery and repair across country

ONSITE SERVICE provide free delivery and repair across country.

CHUPHOTIC Service Department is pleased to provide you services

We have a team of qualified engineers to support all forms of work, which are problems in uninterruptible power supply (UPS), automatic voltage regulator (AVR), generator, surge protection device, battery, emergency devices, renewable energy. We are ready and pleased to provide services

 Hotline : 095-8975757 , 092-2625735

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