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Chuphotic Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 with an initial registered capital of 5 million baht. Currently, the registered capital is 10 million baht.
The company is under the operation of a team of Thai engineers who are experienced in manufacturing, distribution and service providing for products to improve and fix power quality, which are:
With a variety of products that meet all requirements along with fast after-sales service, the company has gained the trust of customers in various parts, including government agencies, state enterprise, private organizations, financial institutions, hospitals, educational institutions, etc.
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Chuphotic Co., Ltd. receives product certification for UPS According to the mandatory industrial product standards, TIS. 1291 Volume 1-2010, 1291 Volume 2-2010 and 1291 Volume 3-2012 with product testing in safety and electromagnetic waves along with factory inspection according to ISO 9001-2008 and environmental management systems ISO 14001-2015. In addition, product standards must meet European CE product standards in terms of safety and electromagnetic waves.