TITAN 850VA – 2000VA (LED)

TITAN 850VA – 2000VA (LED)

Additional details TITAN 850VA – 2000VA (LED)

• Be able to accept a wide input voltage from 165-285V.
• Short circuit and overload protection system
• Power on from AC / DC Start
• Surge protection system due to lightning
• Fast automatic battery charging system when plugged in
• Noise filter circuit with EMI / RFI Filter
• Automatic power off when back up power until the battery is low.
• Automatic power on system when the power returns to normal (Auto Restart)
• Overload protection with Resetable Circuit Breaker which is convenient to use
• The device is made of high quality ABS plastic, free from electric leakage.
• TIS Standard 1291, Volume 1-2010, Volume 2-2010, Volume 3-2012 : C1
• CE : IEC / EN 62040-1 LVD, -2 EMC, -3 Performance
• QMS Manufacture by ISO9001 : 2015, ISO14001 : 2015


TITAN 850VA – 2000VA (LED) for household and general computer power backup

Titan 850-2000VA is suitable for using with CCTV computers because it is a Line Interactive UPS with stabilizer that can back up power with surge protection from lightning, built-in sag and surge current adjustable with battery deterioration notification system and power backup test. It supports up to 4 PC and also at a reasonable price for home and office computers. The UPS Titan 850-2000VA is therefore an uninterruptible power supply that should be in every house and office.

Titan UPS with automatic voltage stabilizer system


Controlled by a microprocessor system to increase efficiency of
the UPS and promptly prevent various power quality problems.


High efficiency automatic voltage regulator which can adjust the wide
voltage in 3 levels, making the output voltage stable and efficient.


Special dry battery, semi-high rate, which can back up at 10% more power
providing continuous and sufficient to save data and duly shutting down
the computer.


Surge protection from lightning on the incoming power lines to
ensure that the connected equipment works continuously and safely.


Overload protection system by indicating the overload condition
at the display light at the front of the machine with an alarm sound


Automated power-on test system to check system and battery availability
and battery availability

AC / DC Start

Ready to backup AC / DC Start power in all conditions
of use and charge the battery immediately when plugged in.