Problem report

If you have any questions about the product, please contact the after-sales department hotline service by Technical Support.

Additional channels for reporting problems
E-mail : service@chuphotic.com
Tel. 02-186-3010 ต่อ 303


Problem report

Warranty conditions

  1. The product warranty is valid only when the buyer fills in the message and send the warranty card back to the company to register the warranty within 15 days after purchase. If overdue, the company will consider that you waive the product warranty.
  2. The company provide warranty for the products from the date of purchase of the product, under normal conditions and correct use according to the instruction manual with free repair service and cost of all spare parts inside the machine, when you bring the device to the service center with this warranty card (If you have a receipt, please bring it as well.)
  3. Damages that are not covered by the warranty 3.1) Void warranty stickers are in incomplete condition, torn, damaged 3.2) External cabinets, external parts are damaged. 3.3) Damage due to accident, transportation, misuse and improper installation and use other than those specified in the manual, negligence, natural disasters (floods, lightning), force majeure, repaired before by a person who is not a technician of Chuphotic Co., Ltd. or has been modified from the requirements of the company. 3.4) The machine is not plugged in after purchasing the product within 3 months or not charging the battery every 3 months.
  4. When the warranty expires. You can choose to purchase warannty from the company. or get service out of warranty
  5. The product warranty covers only the use and/or installation within Thailand only.
  6. You can ask for details about product and service warranty at the service center Tel. 021863010 (AUTO)