VENUS Knight VNK xx RM 1-10Kva Tower / Rack Mount with Hot Swap Battery

VENUS Knight VNK xx RM 1-10Kva Tower / Rack Mount with Hot Swap Battery

เครื่องสำรองไฟฟ้า UPS VENUS Knight VNK xx RM 1-10Kva Tower / Rack Mount with Hot Swap Battery


Model Rack Mount (Standard UPS) VNK1000RM VNK2000RM VNK3000RM VNK5KRM VNK6KRM VNK10KRM
CAPACITY For Computer Load (VA/W) 1000/900 2000/1800 3000/2700 5000/4500 6000/5400 10000/8000
SYSTEM Controller Intelligent UPS with DSP control
Technology True Online Double Conversion, Power Factor Control(PFC) with IGBT Technology
INPUT Voltage 220 Vac Single phase (Selectable 208/220/230/240V) L-N+PE
Voltage range 220Vac: -45% to +35% 220Vac: -35% to +25%
Frequency 50/60 Hz ±6% (auto detect) at nominal voltage (±10% option)
Power Factor PF >0.99 at full load (THDi<3%)
OUTPUT Voltage 220V ±1% (Selectable 208V/220V/230V/240V)
Phase Single phase L-N+PE
Frequency Normally locked to line frequency, Free running 50Hz ±0.1% (Crystal control)
Wave form Pure Sine Wave
Harmonic Distortion THDv <2% at Full Load(100% Linear Load), <5% at Full Load(100% Non linear Load)
Transient Condition ±5% for 100% instantaneous load variation (Step Load)
Overload Capability 130% for 60 sec., 150% for 30 sec., >150% for 300ms, automatic transfer to bypass 125%for10min., 150%for1min.,>150%for1sec., automatic transfer to bypass
Crest Factor 3:1
Protection Over / Under Voltage, Overload, Shot Circuit, Over Temperature and Battery low voltage shutdown
EFFICIENCY DC to AC Approximate ≥ 87% Approximate ≥ 92%
AC to AC Approximate ≥ 92% Approximate ≥ 95%
BATTERY Type AGM / SLA : Seal Lead Acid Battery (maintenance-free) Rechargeable
Capacity 3×12V 9.4 Ah 4×12V 9.4Ah 6×12V 9.4Ah BatteryUnit :16×12V9.4Ah
Voltage 36Vdc 48Vdc 72Vdc 192Vdc
Standard Backup Time 15-30 min. (Depend on computer load)
Extend Backup Time Optional with EXT.Battery Unit (RACK MOUNT)
Recharge time 6-8 hours to 90% after load discharged
Charger Current(A) Standard:1A / Long back up: 4A Standard:1A / Long back up: 1-8A Adjustable
Battery Temperature Compensation for recharge Option
TRANSFER TIME Main fail or Recover UPS to by pass and vice versa Zero Time (True Online UPS)
INDICATOR Front panel LED & LCD SWITCH AC Input & Output Voltage, Frequency, Load Level, Battery Level Temperature
UPS STATUS : AC mode, Battery mode, Bypass mode and Fault with switch ON, OFF, Function
PROTECTION EMI/RFI Attenuation >40 dB
Surge protection UL recognized surge protection to std.1449 Cat.A / IEC61643-11, LPZ3
Surge energy dissipation 220 Joules at 10/1000μsec (510 Joules option) (Imax = 8000A, Vclamp 775V)
AUDIBLE ALARM Multiple tones with reset for silence Mains Failure, Low battery, Overload and UPS Fault
INPUT PLUG Power cord 1.5 meter NEMA 5-15P / IEC320-C12 Terminal
OUTPUT OUTLET Rack mount 4 – 6xNational (Terminal option) Terminal
COMMUNICATION INTERFACE USB Port USB serial port can be connected to PC, workstation or servers for automatic unattended shutdown / with EPO contact
Software UPSilon2000 supported for windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, Me, XP, Novell Netware Linux, FreeBSD (IBM, Sun, Solaris option)
SNMP/HTTP capability. Option SNMP CARD / USB / Environment set for Netagent & Utility
ACOUSTIC NOISE At 1 meter < 50 dBA < 55 dBA
ENVIRONMENT Temperature 0-45°C
Humidity 0-95 % (Non-Condensing)

(W×H×D) mm.

Standard UPS Rack 19 inch 440×88×420 ( 2U ) 440×88×570(2U) 440×88×500(2U)
Long backup UPS Rack 19 inch 440×88×420 ( 2U ) 440×88×570(2U) 440×88×500(2U)
Battery Unit for UPS 440×88×570(2U) 440×88×500(2U)

(approximate in Kg.)

Standard UPS 13 20 25 11 12.5
Long backup UPS 6 10 10 11 12.5
Battery Unit for UPS 14 19 44.5
CONFORMANCE Design regulation TIS.1291 Part1-2553, Part2-2553, Part3-2555 : C1,

CE : IEC 62040-1,-2,-3, IEC61000 / UL no. E337869 By QMS : ISO9001 / 14001 :2015