UPS VENUS KR PLUS 1000-1110 1-10kVA


Model Standard UPS KR1000P KR2000P KR3000P KR5000P KR6000P KR1110P
Long Backup UPS KR1000PL KR2000PL KR3000PL KR5000PL KR6000PL KR1110PL
CAPACITY For Computer Load (VA/W) 1000 / 900 2000 / 1800 3000 / 2700 5000 / 4500 6000 / 5400 10000 / 8000
SYSTEM Controller Intelligent UPS with DSP control
Technology High Frequency Double Conversion Pure sine wave UPS, Power Factor Correction(PFC) with IGBT Technology
INPUT Voltage nominal 220Vac Single phase(Selectable 208/220/230/240V)L-N+PE
Voltage range 220Vac: -45% to +35% 220Vac: -35% to +25%
Frequency 50/60Hz ±6% (Auto Detect) at nominal voltage (±10% option)
Power Factor PF>0.99 at Full Load
Input Harmonic current THDi <5%
OUTPUT Voltage 220V ±1% (Selectable 208/220/230/240V)
Phase Single Phase
Frequency Normally locked to line frequency, Free running 50Hz ±0.1% (Crystal control)
Wave Form Pure sine wave
Harmonic Distortion THDv <2% at Full Load(Linear Load), <5% at Full Load(Non-linear Load)
Transient condition ±5% for 100% instantaneous load variation(Step Load)
Overload capability 130% load for 60sec, 130% load for 30sec, >150% load for 300ms then automatic transfer to Bypass 125% load for 10min, 150% load for 1min, >150% load for 1sec then automatic transfer to Bypass
Crest Factor 3:1
Protection Over / Under voltage, Overload, Shot circuit, Over temperature and Battery low voltage shutdown
EFFICIENCY DC to AC Approximate ≥ 90% Approximate ≥ 92%
AC to AC Approximate ≥ 94% Approximate ≥ 95%
BATTERY Type SLA : Seal Lead Acid Battery (maintenance-free) Rechargeable
Capacity 2x12V 9.4Ah 4x12V 9.4Ah 6x12V 9.4Ah 16x12V 9.4Ah
Voltage 24Vdc 48Vdc 72Vdc 192Vdc
Standard Backup Time 15-30min (Depend On Computer Load)
Extend Backup Time Optional with EXT. Battery Unit
Recharge time 6-8 hours to 90% after load discharged
Charger Current(A) Standard : 1A / Long Backup : 4A Standard : 1A/Long Backup : 1-8A Adjustable
Battery temperature compensation for recharge Option
TRANSFER TIME Main fail or Recover UPS to bypass and vice versa Zero time (True On-line UPS)
INDICATOR Front panel LED Line, Inverter, Bypass, Battery, L-N input warning and Fault
Front panel LCD Input voltage, Output voltage, Frequency, Battery voltage, % load, Temperature and UPS status
PROTECTION EMI/RFI Attenuation >40 dB
Standard Surge Protection IEC61643-11, -21 / UL recognized surge protection to std.1449
Surge Energy Dissipation 220Joules (510 Joules option) (2 microsec wave form)
AUDIBLE ALARM Multiple Tones with reset for silence Mains Failure, Low battery, Overload and UPS fault
UPS CONNECTION Input NEMA5-15P-IEC320-C13 (GS Option) Terminal
Output 3xNational 4xNational Terminal
COMMUNICATION INTERFACE USB Port USB port can be connected to PC, workstation or servers for automatic unattended shutdown./ RS485 Modbus / Dry Contact (option)
Software UPSilon2000 supported for windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, Me, XP, Novell Netwave, Linux, FreeBSD (IBM, Sun, Solaris option)
SNMP/HTTP capability. Option : SNMP CARD / USB / Environment Set for Netagent & Utility
ACOUSTIC NOISE At 1 meter < 50 dBA < 55 dBA
ENVIRONMENT Temperature 0-45oC
Humidity %Rh 0-95% (Non-Condensing)
DIMENSIONS (WxHxD) mm. UPS include standard battery 145x360x225 190x400x330 230x500x553
Long Backup UPS 145x360x225 190x400x330 190x422x337
Battery Unit extension (option) Depending on Battery Unit / Capacity
WEIGHT (approximate in Kg.) UPS include standard battery 9.0 18.0 23.0 54 56
Long Backup UPS 4.5 8.5 9.2 11 12
Battery Unit extension (option) Depending on Battery Unit / Capacity
CONFORMANCE Product Certification TIS.1291 Part 1-2553, Part 2-2553, Part 3-2555 : C1, CE : IEC62040-1,-2,-3 QMS By ISO9001 / ISO14001 : 2015