VENUS Ultimate VNU1-10kVA S2.0


VENUS Ultimate VNU1-10kVA S2.0



  • True Online Double Conversion Pure Sine Wave UPS
  • Advanced Digital DSP controlled with IGBT technology
  • High input Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • Output Pure Sine Wave less than 3% (THDV)
  • Output Voltage 220Vac +/-1%
  • Wide Input Voltage Range 120-280Vac
  • High Inverter Efficiency (approx.290%)
  • Zero Transfer Time (True Online)
  • Cold Start Soft Running
  • Built in Static Transfer Switch (SCR)
  • Self Diagnosis at UPS start up
  • Advanced Battery Management (ABM)
  • External Battery unit (Option)
  • EMI/RFI and Power line noise protection
  • Blackout, Brownout, Surge, Lightning, Spike, Harmonic Overload and Short circuit
  • USB Port with UPSilon 2000 or WinPower monitoring
  • SNMP/HTTP monitor capability / AS400 Dry Contact (Option)
  • Parallel Redundancy N+X 5-10KVA (Option)
  • Maintenance Bypass Switch 5-10KVA (Option)
  • Economy mode (ECO), Emergency power off (EPO) (Option) 5-10KVA
  • TIS 1291 Part 1-2553, Part 2-2553, Part 3-2555: C1, CE: UL: IEC62040-1, -2, -3, IEC55022, IEC61000
  • ISO9001, ISO14001 Certified Manufacturer


Chuphotic UPS Product range 500VA to 1000KVA have been wide useful to protect Electronic Equipment such as Computer, Server, Networks, PABX, CCTV, Telecommunications, Medical & Scientific Equipment and Industrial Machine from Power Quality Problem in Over / Under Voltage, Blackout, Surge, Spike, Harmonic, Noise and Frequency Drift.


56. VENUS Ultimate VNU1-10kVA S2.0

User Manual-EN

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